• 150 Songs on Thumb Drive

Get 150 of Carroll's most requested songs over the years on one USB thumb drive.  You can use this thumb drive in your home computer, many tablet computers, and most newer vehicles.  Includes the titles that are on CR-50 (50 songs on USB).

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Carroll Roberson  -  CR-150 Collection

  1. A Great Day Comin'
  2. A Happy Day
  3. A Lonely Man
  4. A Man Who Can Sing
  5. A Simple Man
  6. All That I Am
  7. Any Day
  8. Beyond the Cross
  9. Blowin' In the Wind
  10. Born Again Like the Wind
  11. By Faith
  12. Clinging to a Saving Hand
  13. Evening Prayer
  14. Everything I Need
  15. Everything is Gonna Be Fine
  16. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
  17. Faith Unlocks the Door
  18. God is Good
  19. God Put it All Together
  20. Happy Ending
  21. Happy Trails
  22. He
  23. He Chose me
  24. He Still Has the Scars
  25. He's All that I Need
  26. He's Everything to Me
  27. He's Real
  28. Here I Am
  29. His Name is Wonderful
  30. How Big is God
  31. I Asked the Lord
  32. I Can't Even Walk
  33. I Drove the Nails
  34. I Found a New Treasure
  35. I Love America
  36. I See God
  37. I Surrender All
  38. I Walk On
  39. I Will Follow
  40. I'm Gonna Serve the Lord
  41. If I Can Help Somebody
  42. If I Could Live My Life Over
  43. If We Never Meet Again
  44. In Christ Alone
  45. In His Cathedral
  46. In My Father's House
  47. Is Your House Built Upon the Rock
  48. It Seems Impossible
  49. It That Isn't Love
  50. It Was Love that Nailed Jesus
  51. It's Got to Be the Spirit
  52. Jesus is Everything
  53. Jesus is My Happiness
  54. Jesus Stayed On the Cross
  55. Jesus Will Be Mine Forever
  56. Just a Closer Walk With Thee
  57. Just Go By
  58. Known Only to Him
  59. Lay Your Treasures in Heaven
  60. Lead Me Guide Me
  61. Let Everything Praise the Lord
  62. Living On His Promise
  63. Lord Help Me Live Today
  64. Lord Here Am I
  65. Lord Take All that I Have
  66. Made a Difference
  67. May the Lord Lift Up His Face
  68. More Like HIm
  69. My Lord is Coming Soon
  70. My Prayer Today
  71. My Tribute
  72. O Mystery
  73. One Life to Live
  74. Our Dearest Friend
  75. Please Don't Say No
  76. Reach Out to Jesus
  77. Somebody Bigger Than You and I
  78. Suddenly There's a Valley
  79. The Old Landmark
  80. The Only Real Peace
  81. The Other Side
  82. The Three Nails
  83. The Touch of the Master
  84. The Way
  85. Then I Met the Master
  86. Today
  87. We Serve the Lord Together
  88. Were You There?
  89. What a Day
  90. What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do
  91. When I Look Up to the Clouds
  92. When the Saints Go Marchin' In
  93. When You Call On Him
  94. Where No One Stands Alone
  95. Whosoever
  96. Why Me Lord
  97. Wings of a Dove
  98. With Jesus In My Heart
  99. Without Him
  100. You Gotta Keep on Going
  101. Praise the Lord
  102. God is Everywhere
  103. The Reason I Believe
  104. That Wonderful Savior
  105. The Lord is My Treasure
  106. Every Cowboy Knows There's a God Above
  107. Down From His Glory
  108. Someday
  109. Unchanging Love
  110. God Takes a Nobody
  111. I'm Gonna Write a Song
  112. What God Has Done
  113. Gonna Build God's Kingdom
  114. He Was There All the Time
  115. Just What I Am
  116. How Can Anyone Not Believe
  117. Living Water
  118. Yesterday When I Was Young
  119. One Day the Son Will Rise
  120. God's Love
  121. Good Mornin' Lord
  122. Jesus Lives In My Heart
  123. Only One Road For Me
  124. The Savior is Waiting
  125. The Way We Should Live
  126. I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
  127. Walk By Faith
  128. Some Glad Tomorrow
  129. The Pages of Time
  130. I Can Climb Any Mountain
  131. As Long as There's a Morning
  132. When God Walked the Earth
  133. Open Up Your Heart
  134. The Bible Tells Me So
  135. I'll Be Home
  136. Jesus Means Everything To Me
  137. Peaceful Easy Feelin'
  138. Down In Mexico
  139. You're Not Just a Number
  140. If You Gain the Whole World
  141. The Real Joy of Christmas
  142. Let's Put Christ Back Into Christmas
  143. The Donkey That Mary Rode
  144. Christmas Is Always
  145. Little Stranger
  146. A Mighty Big Sleigh Ride
  147. It Would Still Be Christmas
  148. Some Children See Him
  149. Remember Whose Birthday It Is
  150. There's No Place Like Home

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150 Songs on Thumb Drive

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