We would like to welcome you to the CRM web site. Whether you are interested in music or ministry materials I believe you will find something here that will help you in your walk with Christ. We strive hard to produce the highest quality of Christ-centered music and the books and Bible teaching materials all stay focused on the Person of Christ and will better equip you on how to study the scriptures.

Through the Internet sites like Facebook and YouTube, countless lives are being touched with the gospel of our Lord. More and more people are using our website to place their orders and our office ships out thousands of orders each year all over the world. Should you have any question about anything just call 800-523-3228.

Our weekly TV program is gaining viewers all over the world as well. Markets are wanting the program all across the country. The ministry is praying that we will be able to launch new markets very soon. We need your prayers and your financial support to make this happen. Hundreds of "Friends" give each month to keep the program on the air. Our immediate goal is to expand the television outreach along with the Internet.

I hope you will consider joining us on one of our Jesus Isreal Tours to Israel. Without trying to sound self-serving, the Lord has blessed our ministry with probably the most comprehensive pilgrimage going to Israel in the world. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go and have just never made the commitment, I hope you will seriously pray about it. Israel is the most life-changing place in the world for those who believe in the Lord Jesus the Christ. If you have any questions regarding going to Israel please contact the tour coordinator at 800-523-3228.

It has been our joy over the years to meet many dear brothers and sisters traveling from church to church around the country. We hope you will keep up with our travel schedule and make an extra effort to come and see us in one of our services.

Love in Messiah,

Bro. Carroll